29:Eleven Maternity Home

29:Eleven’s Mission

We exist to save the life of the unborn child while transforming the life of the mother. We support women facing unplanned pregnancies by offering family style housing and a holistic program focused on education, counseling, life skills, emotional and spiritual support.

The 29:Eleven Maternity Home is a non-profit organization for women ages 18 and older who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. By providing an individualized program tailored to each resident’s needs, women are lovingly supported as they work towards achieving goals in different areas.

Located in San Diego’s East County, 29:Eleven is designed as a loving home, warmly decorated, to create a safe and inviting atmosphere where personalized care and attention is given to each resident. 29:Eleven is situated in a safe neighborhood and is within walking distance to public transportation, shopping, and banking.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the 29:Eleven Maternity Home is to save one life and transform another. We desire to save the lives of unborn children who are inherently valuable and made in the image of God while simultaneously honoring their mothers and assisting them as they navigate the decision to parent or make an adoption plan. We do this in response to the unconditional love of God which has so freely been poured out upon us.


Medical Care

A resident’s primary medical care is provided by a local OB/GYN. The trained staff of 29:Eleven help residents navigate the various programs available to assist them with the costs associated with prenatal care. There are several medical facilities in close proximity to the home’s location where women can be seen for their prenatal care. In addition, a Certified Nurse Midwife or other highly qualified person is available to teach childbirth education and lactation classes. Newborn care, mother-baby, and parenting classes are available to residents at nearby pregnancy centers.

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If a high school diploma, GED or other degree has not been previously obtained by a resident, this is an important part of her plan. Women are assisted in taking the necessary steps toward obtaining their diploma or GED, which unlocks many doors to their futures. If this milestone has already been reached, staff explore a resident’s desires as to which path of higher education is most appropriate for her. Some women will pursue college at the community or state level, and others will enter a specialized vocational program. Regardless of their choice, women are encouraged and supported to achieve their goals.


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Our highly trained and licensed staff provide both individual and group counseling to each resident and their family members, when appropriate. Women are supported as they work through and heal from past trauma so they can move towards healing, hope and freedom.

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Life Skills 

29:Eleven desires to help women be well-rounded in all areas of their lives, including skills which are necessary in day to day living. Nutrition, cooking, hygiene, banking, budgeting and job skills are just a small sample of what residents learn while living in the home.



Spiritual Formation

An intimate, personal relationship with God is fostered within the home, but not forced upon the residents or required to remain in the home. Church attendance, participation in small group Bible studies, prayer, devotions and other opportunities are made readily available to the resident mothers.  Each woman is encouraged to connect and flourish in the faith community of their choosing.